Parent-Teacher Conferences

The formal parent-teacher conferences that take place on early release days twice a year and are intended to foster private, in-depth discussions of your child’s needs and accomplishments. The parent conferences for this school year are scheduled for December 10 and 11 and again on April 8 and 9.

Classroom teachers will send home a parent-teacher conference schedule via your child’s backpack where you can sign up for your first, second, or third choices. If you cannot meet during the normal parent-conference times, please contact your teacher to arrange for another time that will work with your schedule. Your child’s teacher will notify you of your conference time.

On the day of the parent-teacher conference, please arrive on time. Conferences are 15 minutes long; if you feel you need to speak with the teacher for more time, please discuss it with him or her.

Our specialists are also available to meet with you on the day of the Parent-Teacher conferences. You can find our specialists in the cafeteria: feel free to drop in and discuss your child’s progress or ask questions about the curriculum.

If you have concerns about your child’s academic or social progress, don’t feel as if you must wait until the conferences to speak to your classroom teacher: please contact him or her as soon as possible.

If you have a concern that involves a specific staff member, you should bring the concern to him/her as soon as it develops to ensure the most effective resolution rather than escalating the concern to the school administration.

West Boxford Winter Festival

West Boxford Winter Festival
Saturday, December 6, 9AM – 3PM
A day full of fun in West Boxford Village featuring a church boutique, make your own ornaments, holiday pet pictures, wagon rides, face painting, Bensons ice cream and much more. A complete schedule of events coming soon at and the West Boxford Improvement Society website.

Preschool Screening Information


Boxford Public Schools

Cole Preschool

1/22/2015   1:00-3:00 pm

If your child is between the ages of 3 and 5

and will not be attending kindergarten in

Sept. 2015 and you have concerns about

his/her development, please contact

Julie Jayne (978)887-2856 to

set up an appointment.

STEM Supply Request

Dr. Rains is looking for donations of duct tape and 1 inch brass paper fasteners for her STEM classes!

Many thanks to all of you who have donated supplies and supported our STEM classes already this year!

Guidance Notes…

Dear Parents,
I have enjoyed so much working with the students this month during our Team Time assemblies. As I reflect on the Thanksgiving holiday to come, I take pride and thanks in being able to work with your children. Thank you for sharing your children with us every day. This month’s Team Time theme was about how we can practice and exemplify “Good Character”. Good character includes such qualities as: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.

On November 4th, 3rd graders were read a book called, “Stand in My Shoes”. We discussed the character trait of “Empathy” and examples of things we can say and do that show empathy to others. We then watched a short video about how a friend who made a mistake admitted what she did wrong and took responsibility with a meaningful apology. Empathy is an important character trait in maintaining healthy and positive friendships.

On November 18th, 4th graders were read the book, “Fill Your Bucket”. We discussed ways that we can fill people’s buckets such as; Helping someone, sharing, smiling, using kind, thoughtful words, etc. We also discussed ways in which we can be bucket “dippers” which include; using unkind words, being disrespectful, not being honest, leaving people out, etc. The students completed a worksheet in which they listed ways they could be bucket fillers in the classroom, in the school, and at home.

On November 25th, the 5th graders had the wonderful opportunity to be inspired by a phenomenal young man named Justin O’Connell. He had a 50% curve in his spine with a diagnosis of scoliosis. He underwent a serious surgery in which a metal rod was put in his back. He had to learn to walk and do normal, daily activities all over again. Justin decided to raise money for scoliosis research and entered a race to raise funds. He became inspired to not only walk these distances but eventually to run. Even though it is difficult for him to run, he has accomplished countless races including half and full marathons. His marathons include Boston, Chicago, and New York City. The children were so quiet while he spoke and asked many meaningful and thoughtful questions.

Sixth graders will be meeting with me on December 2nd. December is “Personal space and Assertiveness” month.


Julie Benson

With thanks… from Mrs. Liacos’ Students

Dear Spofford Pond Community,

Thank you for the outpouring of candy donations for our soldiers overseas. Over the course of a week we collected over one hundred fifty pounds of candy, which will benefit hundreds of soldiers. We are so thankful for your generosity. On behalf of our soldiers and Operation Troop Support, we thank you for your kindness!

With sincere thanks,

Mrs. Liacos’s  Class

Thanksgiving Week

Monday: 2
Tuesday: 3

Wednesday: 4 Noon dismissal–lunch is not served.  Happy Thanksgiving!


Dear Parents,

During the onset of the holiday season and Thanksgiving just a few days away, let us take a minute with our families to reflect on the people and things in our lives for which we are most grateful and be thoughtful of how we show that gratitude to one another. Children, no matter their age, will always be grateful for the simplest gift we can give to them, our time. Take a few minutes of your morning or evening to talk, write or draw with your children about the special moments in their lives at home, at school and with you. This is one way to practice gratitude and help them to realize what they are grateful for. By doing this you are teaching your child to be thoughtful about their everyday life. As we know, children love to tell us stories about their day and what they do, so this should be a fairly easy task.

We are fortunate to live in and work in a supportive community that works so hard to maintain a loving and caring environment for all members.  We hope that is evident in every aspect of our building. From the beginning of your child’s day as they are transported to school, until they return again in the afternoon, they are surrounded by dedicated professionals at every turn who are truly grateful to be a part of your child’s lives. Our teachers and staff work towards creating a happy and respectful environment that fosters student social, emotional and academic growth.

Practicing gratitude is something that needs daily attention.  We all know how easy it is to take our good fortune for granted.   But gratefulness creates happiness, so start now and take to with your child to reflect.  Be grateful for the ‘everydayness’ that is so very special.  You won’t regret it.


Kathryn Castonguay

A Request from Mrs. Ashmore-Davis!

Hello Art Appreciators!
I am putting out the call for volunteers to help with photographing and uploading artwork for Artsonia, our online student gallery. We currently have over 8,000 pieces of artwork on view and more to come!
With the iPad Artsonia app, it makes the process much quicker and simpler but it still requires a team of volunteers to keep up with the steady stream of new, finished works from our amazing group of young artists.

I will be offering a training and information session after Thanksgiving on Wednesday, December 3rd at 12noon. I am hoping to set up a weekly session at that time for those who are available.

Please email me at
To let me know if you are interested and available to help out.

Follow Mrs. Ashmore-Davis on her blog at:

This Week…

Monday          Day 3

Tuesday         Day 4

Wednesday   Day 5

Thursday        Day 6

Friday             Day 1

Our fifth graders will have their culminating DASH presentation on Friday of this week. We are so appreciative of all the parent volunteers who have come in to make this program happen for our students!  It is a terrific program!  The fourth graders enjoyed their presentation last week with student presenters  from The Landmark High School.  Thank you all so much for the terrific program!  Our students truly benefit!