Grade Three Native American Storyteller! Thank you, PTO!

On Friday, March 25, the storyteller Diane Edgecomb entertained all of the third grade with her Native American Nature tales. She kept every student in awe as she performed such stories as why the loon looks and sings the way it does, how we discovered the maple tree sap for syrup, and how the animals got the sun to help rid of us of endless winter.  She brought John James Audubon prints of various birds and animals and tied her storytelling to each animal’s attributes and why each one is the way it is. Some of her Native American “how and why” tales came from New England tribes. Edgecomb encouraged students to think about which animal could be their personal “power animal” or totem, too. Students used their imaginations to visualize her animal characters as she brought them to life in her performance. The third graders particularly enjoyed one character,a woodchuck, that was a hilarious grandmother and participated in “voting” for an animal and performing an Abenaki canoeing song. Many thanks to PTO Cultural Enrichment that brought Ms. Edgecomb to Spofford.