Student Council Fundraiser…Change for Play

Dear Spofford Pond Parents,

Our school is having a fundraiser called Change For Play. The students donate loose change in water jugs that are in their classrooms. The money goes to new recess equipment for our playground, such as soccer balls, soccer nets, basketballs, basketball hoops, chalk, and kick balls.

You should donate because there are a lot of kids in Spofford who would love some new equipment. I’m not saying we have bad materials, but we could use some new equipment. You can give a kid amazing memories. Think, you donate to the fundraiser, and the school buys a ball. A 3rd grader is playing soccer; he’s nervous, then SLAP! He makes the winning goal for the team. He is so happy, and it is all thanks to you. Don’t you want to be that person?

We want as MUCH funding as possible. Can your child do chores to get money to donate? Or can you donate your spare change? Thank you for helping our dreams come true.


Mark Anthony Maloney

Spofford Student Council Member