Attention Tri-Town 6th Graders!


Save the date! May 7th is going to be great! Join Tri-Town Council, Masco staff and high School youth for our annual Welcome to Masco Fun Night!  TTC & Masco youth are planning a fun evening to WELCOME YOU! (We will have large and small group games, info tables, and time for free play.) The night will be lots of FUN and you’ll have a chance to meet NEW FRIENDS! This is a great chance to check out Masco, meet some new kids (who just might be in your classes) & have a blast! There will also be a Q & A Booth so you can ask lots of questions to help you get ready for your new school – you know, important stuff – like “How do I use use the lock on my locker? Where is the bathroom? What is Java?” This great night will be held Saturday, May 7th from 7-9pm. (TTC will offer one-way bus transportation to Masco, location will vary by town; parents are required to pick up their child at the Masco Field House at 9:00pm). Watch backpack mail soon for details and registration information!