Every Spring, the PTO faces the challenge of filling open board positions. Below are the current positions available.   If you have any interest in becoming more involved with your school, this is a great way to do it!

Sarah Herda and Julie McGee, current PTO Co-Presidents, would be happy to discuss the positions with you if you have any questions. They can be reached at or We have also indicated who the current board member responsible for the position if you’d like to contact them directly as well.


  1. Two Co-Presidents – Sarah Herda and Julie McGee (2 Board Votes)
    This shared position requires individuals who have a combined interest in project management, administration and community outreach. Together, they oversee all PTO projects throughout the year, as well as working with the principals to understand the needs of both schools.
  2. The Communications Team has the following three positions available   – Sarah Herda and Treacey Sudak (1 Board Vote)
    These important positions would best be shared between three people who have an interest in writing and computers. The Communications team would be responsible for writing and implementing Constant Contacts, providing PTO content for school newsletters, creating Wufoo links and reports, updating the website, and contacting the press, amongst other various tasks. It has been divided into the following three positions:

    • Back pack flyers and Sandwich Boards
    • Invitations, Wufoo, Mail Chimp and the Website
    • Making Copies
  3. Spring Fundraising Chair – Tara Donnell and Jill Fogarty (1 Board Vote)
    Next fall the fundraising chair position will be divided into Fall and Spring. The Spring fundraising chair will organize the Annual Spring Fundraiser, which is typically a themed evening and silent auction. Interest in fundraising, community outreach and party-planning, is not necessary but would be helpful. There are many current board members who can help with the planning, as well as many parent volunteers who will join the committee for this event.
  4. Curriculum Enrichment for Spofford – Sara Pedersen (1 Board Vote)

This person works closely with the administration and the members of the Board to identify and purchase curriculum enrichment opportunities at all grade levels at Spofford Pond School. This person should have good interpersonal skills, solid financial and organizational skills, and a passion for unique and enriching educational experiences that our students will enjoy. Works closely with the Curriculum Enrichment Chairperson for Cole School.


I strongly encourage you to consider the above positions. Contact Sarah and Julie at your earliest convenience and be a part of this fun, fulfilling and hardworking team!