An Earth View Thank you to our PTO! Written By Anna Fennell

                                                              Earth View


                                       Written by 6th grade student, Anna Fennell  

First of all I think I speak for all of the sixth graders when I say thank you to the PTO for making Earth View happen. Earth View is a hand painted, giant, blow up globe, that is both educational and fun. The purpose of Earth View is “to not only teach students about the world, but also to emphasize the need for more geography instruction in primary and secondary schools.” says Ms. Sokol, who works with Earth View. Ms. Sokol goes on to say, “Almost no geography is taught beyond seventh grade. This is unacceptable in a world that is becoming increasingly globalized, where we must know about the places that make up our world.” EV 2

The experience of Earth View is more amazing than you would imagine. First, after removing your shoes to protect the globe inside, you step inside the unzipped door and into the ‘Earth’. Then you receive a lesson about the usable water on Earth, while the globe regains stability after being opened. Then you are allowed to look at the Earth from the inside, making all of the continents and features on Earth appear backwards! You get to look at the tectonic plates and learn about how they move and affect the Earth. You also learn more about the continents and their territories. Then, too soon, you exit the globe and back into the gym where the globe is practically filling the entire room.

Thank you again to the PTO for your hard work to make this happen.