Spofford Pond Nature Trail Dedication

Below you will find Mrs. Holt’s speech about the dedication of the nature trail with a new sign!


We are here today, April 13, 2016 to celebrate the opening of the Spofford Pond Nature Trail and Outdoor Classroom with a newly created sign. The trail has been in existence since Phil Drinker, a fifth grade teacher at the Spofford Pond School created it! He first saw the importance of having a nearby nature trail for teachers and students to explore. The trail was enhanced with the creation of an “outdoor classroom”­­­ a semicircle of sitting logs for benches­­ and some tree identification.

In 2010, the first outdoor classroom was in a state of decay. Ryan Therrien from Boxford Boy Scout Troop 51 choose his Eagle project to rebuild and refurbish this first outdoor classroom. Ryan led his troop members, with chain saw work by fathers, to replace the benches and brushing out the loop trail. Ryan is attending the University of Buffalo and graduating this spring.

The importance of outdoor trails is not lost in a community like Boxford. The Boxford Trails Association and Boxford Open Land Trust was very interested and helpful in making this trail come back to life! They cleared a good portion of the trail, spent time getting the trail approved by the town to put it back into use, and inspired me to make the trail a project for my class and the Spofford community.

The sign was designed by Timothy Holt, the lovely logo was designed by two students, Simon Xie and Connor Pool. The logo was burned into the wood by Vanessa Boyle, a sixth grade teacher at Spofford.

As a third grade teacher here at Spofford, I hope to continue my efforts into making the trail the best local, educational resource it can be. A nature teacher and docent, trail markings, and more ways to publicize the trail are in the works.

The Spofford community thanks Phil Drinker for his vision in bringing the trail to the town and school. We also thank Dr. Kathryn Castonguay for her encouragement and ongoing help with getting the Spofford Pond Nature Trail and Outdoor Classroom up and running again.  We are also delighted that Dr. Bernie Creeden was also able to attend this opening.

Lisa Holt  4/13/16