Summer Reading (re-post)

Happy Summer Spofford Pond Families!
As we come to the end of July and round the corner into August – I am sure many families are thinking about back to school supplies and may be thinking more seriously about making sure our students are completing their summer reading!  All students received copies of the suggested summer reading list that is pertinent to their grade level – along with a hard copy of directions for the Mandala Summer Reading Project.  We ask that all students come to school with a completed Mandala – as it is one of the first shared experiences that the students will have with their new group of classmates.  Teachers often use the Mandalas as an opportunity for students to share which book they chose for the Mandala Project.  We often smile as children share and other classmates that may have chosen the same book – or have also read the book become excited and feel connected with the classmate.  I remember fondly a shy third grade girl telling me that she started a brand new friendship after moving to Boxford and having the courage to discuss a book out on the playground after realizing that she had read the same book as a classmate. Such a wonderful way to begin a friendship.
Please remember… Mandalas DO NOT HAVE TO BE a book off of the suggested list.
The  suggested reading list is posted on our school website under “Quick Links”.
Please feel free to reach out to me at any time with questions or concerns.
Mrs. Gadbois
Reading Specialist – Spofford Pond School