Library Media Update!

September in Media

By Ms. Boulay on Sep 28, 2016 12:17 p

The “New” Media Classroom

Due to changes in staffing and new space needs, we spent some time this summer moving the computer lab into the library.  Now, rather than having Media classes being held in two spaces, the lab and the library as it has been in years past, we have successfully combined two into one!

The students are excited about this change.  It will facilitate checking out books, while also allowing for  continued instruction in information and media literacies using both digital devices and print books.

Grade 3 students know how to log onto a Media classroom computer using their grade level username and password.  They are getting to know the keyboard using a fun, online typing program called Dance Mat Typing.  The game “4 Corners” has been an active way to learn and remember the types of books in our library and where they are located:  the fiction corner, the non-fiction corner, and the biography corner, as well as where to check out and return their library books (the circulation corner).

Grade 4 students have accessed their Google Drive accounts and created a word processing document in Google Docs.  The document is entitled, “What is Google Drive?”  We explored the three basic features of Google Drive; Access, Storage and Creation, and wrote about what these features mean for us as digital students using Google for Education applications.   Students have also joined my Grade 4 Media Google classrooms.

Grade 5 students have successfully uploaded a shared illustrated document to their Google Drive accounts by using a Media Google Classroom tool.  I created a document, Acceptable Use Policy  1,  as a visual reminder of how we should use shared devices in Media class and why it is important to be good digital citizens when using a shared device.

We have also discussed using the Chrome web browser application on a shared device.  Students are not allowed to personalize the Chrome settings.   They can, however, temporarily create browser bookmarks  (shortcuts to websites) while working on a particular project, as long as they delete these bookmarks using the Bookmark Manager tool once the project is complete.

Grade 6 students were introduced to a new-to-our-school subscription resource, Country Reports, World.  This resource is a low cost, easy-to-navigate resource for students to use throughout the year while doing their their classroom assignments in Social Studies.  Students were given our school’s login and password information.   Among the features that Country Reports provides is a daily current events list of news reports culled from a variety of news sources from the United States and around the world, both traditional (e.g. Reuters, Fox, and New York Times) as well as many blogs and digitally-based news sources.

All Students began checking out library books this week!