For Halloween on Monday, children may have the option of wearing a costume on Halloween, they may also opt to wear black and orange clothing that day or they may choose to not dress up at all. If children wear costumes, masks and weapon-like costume artifacts are prohibited.  Additionally, those who do dress up or wear orange and black, are to bring in a food item to donate to a local food bank.  The list of most needed items are as follows:


Canned tomatoes/sauce


Lunch snacks

Rice, rice mixes

Salad dressing

Peanut butter, jelly

Shampoo, soap and toothpaste

Toilet paper, paper towels

Dish and laundry detergent

For more information on the food bank, please go to: https://www.facebook.com/foodpantryatfccb/

Throughout the year, the student council  has scheduled  monthly school spirit days and much like on Halloween this year, students are invited to donate $1.00  to various charities that have been selected by the students.  The spirit days follow along with the themes in our community read, Life Is Good.  This is an easy and fun way for children to get involved in school events with the spirit of giving to others. We hope that these opportunities bring us together as school community and together as part of the larger community around us.    The list of spirit days are as follows:

October: Creativity– Halloween (be creative with your costumes)- FOOD DRIVE 10/31

November: Gratitude– Super hero Day (show gratitude for the heros in our lives) –  11/23

December: Compassion– 80’s Day (show compassion for those less fortunate) CLOTHING DRIVE and  $   12/23

January: Authenticity– Sports Day (Be authentic to who you are in rooting for you favorite sports team)  1/27

February: Love– Character Day (Show love for good books)-     2/17

March: Fun– Twin Day (Have some fun dressing up like each other and donate $ so the students at Spofford can have FUN at recess)   3/31 

April: Humor– Crazy Mix-up Day (laugh a little with these crazy outfits) – Pennies for Patients     4/28

May: Simplicity – Pj Day (Keep it simple, wear your pj’s to school!)    5/26

June: Courage – Patriotic Day (Show your support for those who showed courage in defending our country)    6/16