Parent Letter

Dear Parents

As we move further into the first trimester of school, I’d like to take a moment to emphasize the word balance. The pace of the curriculum starts to pick up as we move further into this month and that has brought the word balance to my mind for students and families in our school community. I think that balance in life for children and adults is critical and yet can challenge many people. Schedules can become hectic for families with children engaging in a multiple after school activities.

There are so many diverse opportunities for children to take advantage today, whether it is swim team, football, karate, dance, or art classes, all of which are wonderful and yet with so many choices, children and families are challenged with decision making and balance. Sticking to the one activity or one sport per season rule seems to help some families strike a balance while at the same time keeping children engaged and active. Without balance, anxiety and stress can enter into the lives of children at very young ages (not to mention parents!). It seems that the finding the right pace in our lives can help to promote wellness and alleviate stress.

As children get older, finding their niche outside of school in extra curricular activities is an important part of self-discovery and self-concept. Children can be encouraged to be more selective about how they spend time outside of school and how they expend their energy.   Focusing children on an activity that gives them satisfaction, whether it’s the social opportunity or the chance to compete, children can find new ways of growing and stretching themselves.   The key to success in all of this, is to remember to find a way to teach your child about doing enough to find satisfaction and not over-doing.



Kathryn Castonguay