Tri-Town Council’s November Weekly Asset Tip

Much like OPTIMISM and its accompanying Superpowers are strategies for a purposeful life, the 40 Developmental Assets are the building blocks young people need to build a meaningful life – one where they feel successful, fulfilled, satisfied and care about others. Not surprisingly, the 10 Superpowers outlined in the book Life is Good and the 40 Assets are deeply connected. How?  The Assets help young people harness the power of optimism by providing the relationships, experiences, supports and skills to help them maintain the perspective that even though life is not always easy and never perfect, it is often GOOD! And the more Assets youth have, the better life can be! To learn more about the 40 Developmental Assets, go to:

November’s Life is Good Superpower is Gratitude! AND the TTC Asset Connection is…

Asset #2: Positive Family Communication: Parent(s) and child communicate positively, openly, frequently and respectfully. TTC ASSET TIP: Talk about the best parts of your day: Find some time each day to talk about what you are thankful for– perhaps at the dinner table, before bed, or while you are driving in the car. Ask your child, “What was the best part of your day?