Tri-Town Council’s December Weekly Asset Tip

December’s Life is Good Superpower is Compassion!  AND the TTC Asset Connection is…

Asset #37: Personal Power – Child has a growing sense of having influence over some of the things that happen in her or his life.

TTC Asset Tip:  Personal Power starts with Self-Compassion!

According to the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, “Self compassion is learning to extend understanding, compassion and encouragement to yourself when things don’t go your way, treating yourself the way you would a close and treasured friend.”  Self-compassion is associated with resilience, enhanced energy levels, creativity and general life success. 

Wondering how to help foster self-compassion in your children? Here are 3 ideas from the National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children (TLC) :  

  • Self-Hug – Say to a small child, “Remember how when someone hugs us, it makes us feel better? Let’s practice hugging ourselves so that when we feel bad, we can remember how much we love ourselves and each other.” Ask an older child to put their hand on their heart as a way to self-sooth. Talk about how it feels.
  • Appreciation Journal – Have the child/children write down different things they appreciate about themselves and their lives.
  • Self-Kindness Rocks – Have a child decorate and write “kindness” on a rock with a Sharpie. Ask the child, “Where will you keep your rock so you will remember self-kindness and kindness to others?”

Read more about developing self-compassion in children here: