From the Health Office


At this time of year, I am reviewing all of the sixth grade health records to make sure that they are up to date on their immunizations as required by the State of Massachusetts.

All sixth graders need one dose of Tdap, (2) doses of MMR vaccine and (2) doses of Varicella vaccine prior to entering seventh grade. Failure to present documentation of the necessary immunizations to Masconomet prior to the start of school may be cause for exclusion (Massachusetts General Law, chapter 76, S. 15 Vaccinations and Immunizations).

Thank you to those who have submitted copies of their immunization records. Any questions please call to Health Office 978-3528616 x 1261


Dear Parents,

Our statewide testing schedule will begin on Monday, April 3rd.   Assessments, like the MCAS tests measure how well students have learned the standards and give students an opportunity to demonstrate what they know.  The results of these test help us to make adjustments to curriculum and instruction in our classrooms.  We also use the results to target student needs in order to  provide additional assistance or an extension of learning.  Our teachers use the  assessment to ensure the proper alignment of the curriculum with the state standards and to adjust their instruction to accommodate student learning needs.

You can help your child by ensuring that he/she is well-rested and has a good breakfast. Remind your child to do his/her best.  Please reassure your children by letting them know that this test is for the school to know if we are doing a good job teaching our students!  Also, please dress your child appropriately so that he/she is comfortable during the testing sessions.  If you have any questions about the test, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  The testing schedule is listed below for you.


Kathryn Castonguay

GRADE                                               MCAS SUBJECT                               DATE/TIME                               

3 ELA I April 3rd 9AM
4 ELA 1 April 3rd 9:15AM
3 ELA II April 4th at 9AM
4 ELA II April 4th at 9:15AM
3 ELA III April 7th at 9AM
4 ELA III April 7th at 9:15AM
6 ELA I April 10th at 9AM
6 ELA II April 11th at 9AM
5 ELA 1 April 25th at 9AM
5 ELA II April 27th at 9AM
5 ELA III April 28th at 9AM
3 Math I May 8th at 9AM
4 Math I May 8th at 9:15AM
3 Math II May 9th at 9AM
4 Math II May 9th at 9AM
5 Math 1 May 10th at 9AM
5 Math II May 11th at 9AM
5 Science/Technology/ Engineering May 15th at 9AM
6 Math I May 15th at 9AM
5 Science/Technology/ Engineering May 16th at 9AM
6 Math II May 16th at 9AM

Anyone Can Do Math! :)


Jo Boaler, a Stanford University Math Professor, along with some of her students are on a mission to spread the notion that math is a broad, creative and visual subject; not a subject to be memorized.  They have created a motivational math video to help spread the word.  There are four key messages in this short video.  The first is that everyone can learn math to high levels.  There are no “math brains” or “smart brains.”  Everyone can learn what they set their mind to do.  The second is to believe in yourself.  People can achieve anything they want with the  right mindset.  The third is that struggles and mistakes are really important for learning.  They make your mind grow!  The fourth message is that speed is not important in math.  Some of the world’s best mathematicians are slow in math because they are deep thinkers.  Please take a few minutes to watch this inspiring video.


EarthView in 6th Grade

On Friday, March 17 our 6th graders got a new perspective on Earth by climbing inside a giant inflated globe. This educational program from Bridgewater State University was sponsored by the Boxford PTO.  Ask a 6th grader what he or she learned! And how important was it to look at the ground as the globe re-inflated? Ask and find out!
2017-03_G6_Earthview2 copy.jpg2017-03_G6_Earthview1 copy.jpg2017-03_G6_Earthview3 copy.jpg2017-03_G6_Earthview4 copy.jpg

3rd Grade: Native American Tales

On March 28, our third graders enjoyed a performance of “Native American Nature Tales” by award-winning Storyteller Diane Edgecomb. Throughout her entertaining presentation of tribal myths and legends, Ms. Edgecomb had the students laughing, gasping, answering, singing, canoeing, wondering and thinking in new ways about the world around us. Ask a third grader what he or she enjoyed about this storytelling performance, and why!
Many thanks to the Boxford PTO for sponsoring this curriculum enrichment program.

5th Grade Electricity Program

On March 20-21, our 5th graders experienced Mr. Wahle’s Techsploration program on Electricity. His engaging assembly presented the principles of electricity and electromagnetism with several students participating, and even some faculty singing the blues. Classroom workshops had student teams designing and building various circuits to learn hands-on about resistors, switches, fuses, motors, circuit flow and electromagnetism (and, of course, safety first!) This tried-and-true curriculum enrichment program is sponsored by the Boxford PTO.
Ask your 5th graders what they learned and what kind of circuits they built!2017-03_G5_Techsploration08.jpg2017-03_G5_Techsploration09.jpg2017-03_G5_Techsploration07.jpg2017-03_G5_Techsploration06.jpg2017-03_G5_Techsploration05.jpg2017-03_G5_Techsploration04.jpg

Music is in the Air!

Student musicians from the tri-town area will perform a benefit
concert on Sunday, April 2, in Boxford at First Church Congregational
in Boxford. This public concert will sponsor Haitian children through
Partners in Development of Ipswich. Don’t miss this opportunity to
hear very talented young local musicians perform for music lovers of
all ages.

Roan Elliot- Higgins, Kathryn Gatewood, Jessica Leidner, Sofia
Pomerantz and Malia Robinson will join other violinists and violists
with Merrimack Valley Suzuki Strings, under the direction of Trudy
Larson of North Andover, at the 24th Annual Strings Welcome Spring

The concert will take place at 3:00 p.m. at First Church
Congregational in their Family Life Center just behind the main church
building, located at 4 Georgetown Road in Boxford. Tickets are $12
general admission and $5 for students and seniors (family rates are
available). Proceeds will be donated to Partners in Development to
provide on-going schooling, supplies, clothing and health care for
three Haitian children for a year.

The mission of the concert has always been children helping children.
“Our children

have the opportunity to perform in an exciting concert while using
their talents to help someone less fortunate than themselves.  Music
is a wonderful gift which needs to be passed along,” said Trudy
Larson.  “The students love to perform and this concert gives them a
worthwhile purpose.”

A dessert reception for all attendees follows the concert. The varied
program will include works by Bach, Vivaldi, Haydn, Mozart,
Wieniawski, fiddling tunes, and more – played by small ensembles,
soloists and full group performances. For more information, call


Roan Elliot- Higgins

Sofia Pomerantz

Jessica Leidner

Kathryn Gatewood

Malia Robinson


Anna Keyes