Grade 6 Guest Speaker, Kate Middlemiss

On Tuesday, Feb. 14, Kate Middlemiss spoke to our 6th Graders about the Joseph Middlemiss Big Heart Foundation, a cause inspired by her son who lived with a big heart and died at the age of six.
She described their “All You Need Is Love” mission, spoke about the ripples created by acts of kindness, showed a video about the cycle of kind deeds, and presented a video storybook about the importance of not missing opportunities to be kind to others.
She and Guidance Counselor Julie Benson encouraged students to put some extra effort into doing acts of kindness, and report their experiences and observations when they meet again for Team Time.
The Kate Middlemiss presentation was sponsored by the Boxford PTO.
For more information, visit the Big Heart Foundation website: http://www.jmbigheart.org2017-02-14_6_CE-G_2_KMiddlemiss.jpeg2017-02-14_6_CE-G_1_KMiddlemiss.jpeg