School Start Time Advisory Committee (STAC)-Important Information and Upcoming Events for Parents

Hello Parents,

Please see the letter  (below) that was previously sent out to you with important information from the School Start Time Advisory Committee.  Please note that there will be a survey coming out for you to provide feedback to the committee and an upcoming community forum for parents to attend on March 16th (details are in the letter).

Kathryn Castonguay



Dear Parents and Community Stakeholders,

The School Start Times Advisory Committee (STAC) wanted to send a quick update to let you know what’s happening regarding a topic that’s important to you and school-age students across Boxford, Topsfield, and Middleton. Below please find highlights and links to additional information.

———— Upcoming Community Forum

Come to Masconomet High School Library on Thursday, March 16 at 7pm, to ask questions of schools who have studied a change in start time, and to hear a pediatrician’s perspective.

– “Why did you decide to change?”

– “Was your decision challenging, and if so, how?”

– “How did it impact your sports and after school programs?”

– “What was the most important factor in your decision?”

– “Are your adolescents getting more sleep?”

– “Are you noticing any changes (positive or negative) because of this?”

– “In hindsight, was it worth it?”

Our panel will include Jose Libano, principal of Sharon high school (Sharon made a start time change 8 years ago), Barry Haley, Athletic Director at Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS will be making a start time change in the fall of 2017), and Dr. David Danis, a local pediatrician and chair of the pediatrics department at Beverly Hospital. STAC members, Masco and TTU administrators, and others will also be on hand to answer your questions about the options the Start Times Advisory Committee has developed. Please remember that as this is an ongoing process, we don’t have everything answered yet.

———— Option Survey

As our options and evaluative criteria have been more fully developed, we want to get your input on each one. We’ll provide a more detailed description of what each option means, such as

– Earliest pick-up and drop-off times

– Latest pick-up and drop-off times

– School day start and end times

– Extracurricular activities/sports start times

– Impact on district transportation costs

Based on this information and your specific situation, we’ll ask you to let us know how each option will impact you, as defined by the lengthy list of criteria we’ve developed to evaluate them. This will be important input as we consider any change. The survey will open on Friday, March 10 so keep an eye out for the announcement.

———— Next Steps

March 10: Option Survey available

March 16: Community Forum at 7pm in the Masconomet Regional High School Library

– April/May: With community input, STAC makes recommendation to Tri-Town Union and Masconomet school committees.

More information can be found on the STAC page at


Bill Hodges, Start Times Advisory Committee Chair
Masconomet Regional School Committee
Topsfield Representative