5th Grade Electricity Program

On March 20-21, our 5th graders experienced Mr. Wahle’s Techsploration program on Electricity. His engaging assembly presented the principles of electricity and electromagnetism with several students participating, and even some faculty singing the blues. Classroom workshops had student teams designing and building various circuits to learn hands-on about resistors, switches, fuses, motors, circuit flow and electromagnetism (and, of course, safety first!) This tried-and-true curriculum enrichment program is sponsored by the Boxford PTO.
Ask your 5th graders what they learned and what kind of circuits they built!2017-03_G5_Techsploration08.jpg2017-03_G5_Techsploration09.jpg2017-03_G5_Techsploration07.jpg2017-03_G5_Techsploration06.jpg2017-03_G5_Techsploration05.jpg2017-03_G5_Techsploration04.jpg