Anyone Can Do Math! :)


Jo Boaler, a Stanford University Math Professor, along with some of her students are on a mission to spread the notion that math is a broad, creative and visual subject; not a subject to be memorized.  They have created a motivational math video to help spread the word.  There are four key messages in this short video.  The first is that everyone can learn math to high levels.  There are no “math brains” or “smart brains.”  Everyone can learn what they set their mind to do.  The second is to believe in yourself.  People can achieve anything they want with the  right mindset.  The third is that struggles and mistakes are really important for learning.  They make your mind grow!  The fourth message is that speed is not important in math.  Some of the world’s best mathematicians are slow in math because they are deep thinkers.  Please take a few minutes to watch this inspiring video.