Dear Parents,

Our statewide testing schedule will begin on Monday, April 3rd.   Assessments, like the MCAS tests measure how well students have learned the standards and give students an opportunity to demonstrate what they know.  The results of these test help us to make adjustments to curriculum and instruction in our classrooms.  We also use the results to target student needs in order to  provide additional assistance or an extension of learning.  Our teachers use the  assessment to ensure the proper alignment of the curriculum with the state standards and to adjust their instruction to accommodate student learning needs.

You can help your child by ensuring that he/she is well-rested and has a good breakfast. Remind your child to do his/her best.  Please reassure your children by letting them know that this test is for the school to know if we are doing a good job teaching our students!  Also, please dress your child appropriately so that he/she is comfortable during the testing sessions.  If you have any questions about the test, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  The testing schedule is listed below for you.


Kathryn Castonguay

GRADE                                               MCAS SUBJECT                               DATE/TIME                               

3 ELA I April 3rd 9AM
4 ELA 1 April 3rd 9:15AM
3 ELA II April 4th at 9AM
4 ELA II April 4th at 9:15AM
3 ELA III April 7th at 9AM
4 ELA III April 7th at 9:15AM
6 ELA I April 10th at 9AM
6 ELA II April 11th at 9AM
5 ELA 1 April 25th at 9AM
5 ELA II April 27th at 9AM
5 ELA III April 28th at 9AM
3 Math I May 8th at 9AM
4 Math I May 8th at 9:15AM
3 Math II May 9th at 9AM
4 Math II May 9th at 9AM
5 Math 1 May 10th at 9AM
5 Math II May 11th at 9AM
5 Science/Technology/ Engineering May 15th at 9AM
6 Math I May 15th at 9AM
5 Science/Technology/ Engineering May 16th at 9AM
6 Math II May 16th at 9AM