Continuing last April’s Happy, Healthy Kids! Seminar, the Tri-Town SEPAC is again bringing guest speakers to the Tri-Town Community to discuss ways our families can benefit from a holistic approach to life. This year we have invited Jeanned’arc Haddad RND, LDN and Barbara Gosselin, PT to discuss their specialties with us. Jeanned’arc Haddad is a Functional & Integrative Nutritionist . After her son was born with multiple nutritional challenges including maldigestion, malabsorption and celiac disease, Jeanned’arc sought natural and alternative ways to heal her son. She believed that searching for the cause of her son’s gut issues and treating the cause would heal him as a whole person rather than just treating the symptoms.

Trained in Functional Nutrition and Bio-Individual Nutrition, Jeanned’arc is committed to teaching the concept that a good foundation is necessary in order to have good health. Barbara Gosselin PT is a Holistic Physical Therapist who specializes in treating adults who have chronic pain and have tried unsuccessfully to get help in other ways. She uses gentle, effective whole-body techniques including Craniosacral Therapy and Facial Mobilization to help release fascial and energetic restrictions in the body which relieves pain and restores function. Her approach can help when other treatments haven’t.

Please Join Us in the MASCO MS Library April 12, 2017 at 7:00 P.M. Hosted by the Tri-Town SEPAC Please Visit Our Speaker’s Websites for More Information About Their Services Rebalance 4 Health – http://www.rebalance4health.com Barbara Gosse