Every spring, the PTO faces the challenge of filling open board positions. Volunteer numbers seem to be dwindling for all parent run organizations across the Tri-Towns. We are always trying to think of ways to expand our volunteer base. There is an opportunity for EVERYONE to help out! This includes:

Stay at home parents: Feel free to bring younger children to our meetings – it’s amazing how long a couple Munchkins keeps them happy!

Working parents: A number of our board members work part or full time, so we often schedule evening meetings. Also, with today’s technology we have the ability to hold meetings via conference call or video conferencing. You can also help by working on projects that can be coordinated via emails/phone calls.

Grandparents: How much would the students love to have their grandparents involved with their schools?

Teachers: We would welcome teacher representatives or even a different teacher each meeting to give us the perspective of the educators we are trying to help.

High school students: There are many opportunities to earn community service hours by helping out the PTO.


Below are the current positions available.   Julie McGee and Susan Rothschild-Lambert, current PTO Co-Presidents, would be happy to discuss the positions with you if you have any questions. They can be reached at and We have also indicated who the current board member responsible for the position if you’d like to contact them directly as well.

  1. Co-President – Susan Rothschild-Lambert and Julie McGee (1 Board vote each)
    Julie will be stepping down at the end of this year so we are looking for a Co-President with Susan. This shared position requires individuals who have a combined interest in project management, administration and community outreach. Together, they oversee all PTO projects throughout the year, as well as working with the principals to understand the needs of both schools. The term is two years and our goal is always have one “experienced” Co-President working with a “new” Co-President for greater continuity year to year.
  2. Communications Team – Deanna Junge and Kristen Clancy ( 2 Board votes, plus 1 or more non-Board positions)
    This important position would best be shared between three or more people who have an interest in writing and are comfortable with computers. Current Communications Team members can help with training to use the various tools required. The Communications Team is responsible for:

    • Designing back pack flyers
    • Updating sandwich boards
    • Making copies of flyers and posting signs of upcoming events
    • Writing for upcoming and past events, and general news
    • Order form/registration creation (Wufoo)
    • Email (Mail Chimp)
    • Website (WordPress)
  3. Fundraising Chair – Tara Donnell (1 Board Vote)
    An interest in fundraising, community outreach and party-planning is not necessary but would be helpful. There are many current board members who can help with the planning of the larger fundraisers, as well as many parent volunteers who will join the committee for those event. We do have a person committed to chair the Spring Fundraiser next year. We are looking for a person who is willing to look for new ideas to raise money (possibly by doing several smaller fundraisers or events throughout the year) and to continue to develop some ideas that are currently being considered. New fundraising strategies are always welcome!


Besides the Board positions, we have many other opportunities to volunteer. Some of the open Committee spots we have vacant for the 2017-2018 school year are:

  • Box Tops and Free Money – Jill Fogarty
    In September this person will send out a back pack flyer with instructions to parents on how to sign up for the Stop and Shop school free money program. Also responsible for pick up of Box Tops at both schools. The Box Tops are sorted, counted and submitted on November 1st & March 1st. The grade totals are given to the principals so they can award a recess winner.  New “free money” ideas are always welcome.
  • PTO Directory – Sarah Herda, Carol Hubbard and Julie McGee (ads)
    We are in need of 2-3 people for the creation of the much loved PTO directory for next year. We need at least one person to head up the design and layout. Experience with Adobe InDesign or similar publishing program is key. An additional person with Excel experience would help. A third person to help organize and solicit advertising (a comprehensive list is already formed from community businesses and past supporters) would be ideal. The process generally begins over the summer with some preliminary work, then the bulk of the work takes place during September and October once we have the data from the schools.

We strongly encourage you to consider the above positions. Consider asking a friend to “share” a volunteer opportunity with you. Contact Susan or Julie at your earliest convenience and be a part of this fun and hardworking team! The Boxford PTO has an annual budget of about $60,000 which includes Teacher Wishes and Curriculum Enrichment programs that the students of Cole and Spofford look forward to, enjoy and learn from every year. These classroom “extras” and special programs would not exist if not for the PTO’s commitment to our schools through volunteer and financial support from our members and community (they are not included in the school budget!).