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The Fall Edition of the  The Coalition’s Are the Children Well? newsletter has arrived and it is bursting with information and resources!  THE COALITION is a program of Tri-Town Council.

A few features you will find….

Grit is so much more than just effort!   Read Stephanie Meegan’s article GRIT Revisited and learn some very specific strategies children and teens can adopt to help them struggle productively through challenges.

Vape MODS, Hookah Pen, Cig-a-like, JUUL?   Wondering what these things are?  Electronic vapor products and e-liquids is a billion dollar industry – and many of the products are intended to appeal to youth.  Rates of vaping/e-cigarette use have increased 900% among high school youth since 2011.    Read more about the risks, how the industry is targeting youth, the products available, and what the 2016 YRBS data reveals about youth vaping rates in the Tri-Town.

Perception is everything and so too is misperception.  Read more about what happens when a community focuses on promoting its healthy, positive, normative behaviors in Minding the Gap;  Why Norms Matter

All this information and more is in the latest edition of the Coalition newsletter.   Click  HERE to open!

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