Math Olympiad

Math Olympiad

Math Olympiad is a challenging math competition program where students meet for practice and  participate in five contests throughout the school year.  Students have been selected to participate in this program based on teacher recommendation, Mcas scores and previous years participation.  

  • Grade 5 and 6 students who participated in Math Olympiad in the past are invited to participate again.  Students who scored in the Exceeds level or in the top half of the Meets level on last spring’s Mcas test are also invited to participate on the team.  
  • Grade 4 students who received a score of Exceeds or a score in the top half of the Meets level on last spring’s Mcas are invited to participate.   
  • All students need to have a positive recommendation from a teacher
  • If students are interested in the program but were not selected, they are welcome to come to practice sessions/and or complete available practice sheets.


Permission slips will be sent home with selected students this week.

The program will begin on Friday, November 3  and end in late March.

Mrs. Sirmaian and Mrs. Iyer will be facilitating the program this year.


Please contact Mrs. Sirmaian with questions at


Online Math League


The Online Math League is a math competition program open to all students at Spofford Pond School. Any student who would like a fun math challenge may join. Students will attend three practice sessions and take three multiple-choice math tests throughout the school year. The tests will be taken at school and have a thirty-minute time limit. They involve multi-step problem solving and require higher-level thinking. All grade level students will be on the same team. Students are welcome to attend a practice or test session with a different grade if they are unable to come on their scheduled day. To learn more about the Online Math League and read frequently asked questions go to


Grade​ ​3 Wednesday​ ​Mornings​ ​ ​8:00​ ​-​ ​8:30​ ​ ​Room 17​ ​A

Wednesday, November 1 Practice

Wednesday, November 15 Test

Wednesday, January 24 Practice

Wednesday, February 7 Test

Wednesday, March 7 Practice

Wednesday, March 21 Test