Acts of Kindness Calendar for December

Dear Parents,

Here is a calendar that you can share with your child(ren) for the month of December.  We are focused on acts of kindness in our school and we thought this was a great extension of our efforts at home for our students.

Thanks so much!
Kathryn CastonguayActs of Kindness calendar copy.jpg


As a follow-up to the Blackboard Connect message sent via email on November 14th, if you are interested in helping a family or community member (within your community or surrounding local areas) that need help during the holidays, we are collecting gift cards for distribution which can be given to your school office in an envelope labeled “HOLIDAY SHARING” no later than December 13th.


Thank you.


Scott R. Morrison, Ed.D.


Playground Fundraiser

Dear Parents,

Great news!  This is even a  better deal!!   The Bruins Suite fundraiser for the Spofford Pond playground ticket price is just $5.00 per ticket and 5 tickets for $25.00.  You could win the entire suite to a Bruins game with the purchase of $5.00  raffle ticket!  Take 18 of your family and friends for a fun night out!   The game is on February 1st.  The winning ticket will be drawn on December 21st.   You can use the form previously sent  and print as many copies that you need for your raffle ticket purchase.  Checks are payable to the Boxford PTO and are to be delivered to either school office–in an enevelope labeled “Spofford Pond School Fundraiser”   If you search your email for the form–search from “Boxford School District”
Many thanks!
Kathryn Castonguay, Principal

Dear Parents,

With Thanksgiving right around the corner,  I wanted to take a moment to share some thoughts on practicing gratitude.  We recently had a student assembly that focused the children on actively practicing gratitude.  Children were encouraged to identify all of the wonderful people and opportunities in their lives! Mrs. Shaw,  from Tri-Town Council,  presented to our students numerous ways that they could embrace an “Attitude of Gratitude”.  Some of what she shared is as follows:



  • Thank someone who did something nice for you
  • Practice a random act of kindness
  • Tell the people in your life how much you care about them
  • Celebrate an accomplishment – big or small!
  • Thank someone who did something nice for you
  • Practice a random act of kindness
  • Tell the people in your life how much you care about them
  • Celebrate an accomplishment – big or small!

Students were informed that practicing gratitude will help to keep them happy, resilient and healthy.  The children were encouraged to keep a Gratitude Journal to record  what they are appreciative of in their lives.    This is something that we as adults can do too!

So, over this holiday break, talk to your children about ways to appreciate small moments in their lives.  Help them to see all that you are grateful for– as this will cultivate an “Attitude of Gratitude” in your children.  Show your children how you express gratitude to others in your own life!   I want you to know how grateful we are to all of you for being such a supportive parent community.  I am always thinking of how much more we are able to accomplish in our classrooms and school because of the enduring parental support.  So, for that, I thank you!

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!


Kathryn Castonguay, Principal






Be Part of the Conversation, For Our Kids and Community

Please join Tri-Town Council and members of The Coalition for a Community Conversation on Thursday, November 30th 7pm – 9pm. Conversation will be held in the Masco High School Library. Are the children well? How do we know? What do the results of the 2016 Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) and the 2017 Adult Perception Survey tell us about the health and well-being of our kids? Let’s talk about what YOU – our community – have expressed as your concerns for our youth & What OUR YOUTH have told us about what they DO, THINK, and BELIEVE. More info here

Upcoming Student Council Spirit Days

Date Topic Theme Charity
November 22nd        Gratitude                       Super Hero Day            Toys for Tots
December 22nd Compassion Hat Day Food Drive
January 26th Authenticity Sports Day Giving Tree
February 23rd Love Character Day MSPCA
March 30th Fun Twin Day St. Jude
April 27th Humor Crazy Mix-Up Day Make a Wish
May 25th Simplicity Red, White and Blue Day Wounded Warrior
June 15th Courage Pj Day Wounded Warrior

Unicef Donations and Candy for Troops

Thank you to all of our students and families that participated in the Trick or Treat collection for Unicef!  We  collected $1,299.78 in donations.   Way to go!  This effort was initiated and led by  Mrs. Valzania and her sixth grade students!


Thank you also for the candy donations that were sent to our troops.  Mrs. Everest collected over 300 lbs. of candy donations!

We are so thankful to Mrs. Valzania and Mrs. Everest  who added so much to this fun holiday and helped all of us to think of others in more of a global way.  These are simple and  meaningful ways to have an impact on the world.  Thank you for participating!

Tri-Town Council…Asset Tip!

Tri-Town Council asks…What’s in YOUR lifepack? Fill it with Assets! (option 2 – superpower connection)

November’s Life is Good Superpower is Gratitude!   AND the TTC Asset Connection is… Asset #39: Sense of Purpose – Child welcomes new experiences, sometimes thinks about what life means and imagines what s/he might do or be in the future.

TTC ASSET TIP: Know what your kids care about and help them make a difference!  

From Greater Good Science Center: “The deepest sense of gratitude in life comes from connecting to a bigger picture, to an issue that matters to others and doing things that contribute to society down the road.”

Help your child(ren) discover their passions and find a path to purpose that resonates with their values, interests and dreams. This starts with feeding their interests in the social issues they care about and pushing them to learn as much as they can about those issues and discover ways they can make a difference.

  • Does your child care about animals? Help them volunteer at the local animal shelter!
  • Are your children passionate about helping kids in need? Invite them to participate in getting a toy or clothing donation ready for a local charity.
  • Is hunger a cause they care about? Volunteer at a local food pantry or collect food donations in the neighborhood.