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Would you like to get more involved in the art program? I am looking for a parent volunteer! This person would be responsible for helping me to get student artwork on display throughout town (community stores, town hall, library, etc). Please email me at if you are interested in this. TIA!


Donations encouraged! Cleaning out the old art closet?…send in supplies that could be useful to the art room! We are always looking for sketch paper (to draft ideas, so the “good” paper can be for final work), yarn, fabric, egg cartons, yogurt containers, paper towel/toilet tissue tubes etc. Our students will recycle your old trash into a treasure (an environmentally friendly!). Thank you for your support of our creativity!


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We are off to a great year in the art room at Spofford Pond School. We began the year exploring our painting skills. This gave us an opportunity to focus on color theory at each grade level. In grade 3, students created circular weavings. Before weaving, they painted their loom, which in the case was a paper plate! They used concentric circles inspired by the French artists, Robert and Sonia Delaunay, painted with pattern and rhythm. They only had the primary colors and white and black, so they needed to use their knowledge of the color wheel (or check the resources) to make the other hues 3.jpg


In grade 4, we examined mandalas from art history and modern day. A mandala is a design based on a circle, using radial symmetry in designs and colors. Many are packed with symbolism as well. The students created 4 thumbnail sketches before choosing one design to pursue for their final copy. They used black paint to outline their design. The shapes were colored using chalk pastels with a water overlay, and topped off with Modge Podge to seal it in. They focused on warm or cool colors in their work.



art 5.jpgIn grade 5, we created Op Art colored pencil drawings. After viewing the work of Bridget Riley, we set to work on our own illusions. We used value to create the illusion of 3-dimensionality on a 2-D surface. Some students added a “selfie” into their artwork using an IPAD. They had a blast and their work shows so much hard work!


art 6.jpg


Grade 6 is beginning a new assignment that follows the idea of Teaching for Artistic Behavior or TAB. This model of teaching art allows the student to design a work of art. They use the guidelines of the artistic process and Studio Habits of Mind (or SHoM). They are able to select their own idea, as well as which materials they will use. Students began by creating a planning sheet, complete with thumbnail sketches, steps involved and time needed to execute their idea. They are working on creating a WOW piece (Wonderful, Original, Work-of-Art). Stay tuned for more on these creations as they progress.