Tri-Town Council Asset Tip!


Tri-Town Council asks…What’s in YOUR lifepack? Fill it with Assets!

“Assets” represent the building blocks for thriving youth, families, and community —- everyday things that anyone can do to support our youth … and everyone can be an “Asset Builder”!

External Asset Category: Boundaries and Expectations

Boundaries are important to young people because they give clear messages about what’s expected. By the same token, caring adults who expect young people to do their best help them to learn good judgment. Every day young people face many options and choices. Boundaries and expectations provide young people with the support they need to choose wisely.

TTC Asset Tip: Keep a shared family calendar that includes everyone’s commitments and daily schedules including school, work, and activities as well as chores, family times, and other events. Each week, review the coming days together so everyone knows what to expect.

Spirit Day!

Hello Parents,

Tomorrow is a ‘Spirit Day’ sponsored by our Student Council.  Students can wear a hat and if they participate are asked to donate a dry or canned food for a food drive.  This is in honor of this month’s Super Power theme of ‘Compassion’.

Thank you!  Happy Holidays to you all!


Kathryn Castonguay, Principal

Flu Information

Dear Parents, Guardians and Staff,                                                      

The flu season has begun in Massachusetts. It’s a good time to protect yourself and your family from getting sick this flu season. Call your healthcare provider or your local board of health, or visit a local pharmacy, and get vaccinated against the flu.

The main symptoms of influenza (flu) include fever and cough and/or sore throat. Some people also have a runny nose, body aches, headache, chills, and feel tired. Some may also have diarrhea and vomiting. Please keep your child home if they have a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher with a cough OR sore throat. Your child should be fever-free for 24 hours without acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Motrin or Advil) before sending them back to school.  If your child has flu-like symptoms or has been diagnosed with the flu, sharing that information with the school nurses would be helpful.

 Below are some helpful resources for more information:

·The Flu Guide for Parents (distribution of this flyer meets the new influenza education requirement)   

 ·  To see flu activity levels in all 50 states click

 Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


Cindy Fiore RN BSN

Support the Playground! Still Time left!

Tri-Town Council asks…What’s in YOUR lifepack? Fill it with Assets!



December’s Life is Good Superpower is Compassion! AND the TTC Asset Connection is…

Asset #37: Personal Power – Child has a growing sense of having influence over some of the things that happen in her or his life.


TTC Asset Tip:* What is personal power? It is a sense children feel that they have some control over things that happen in their lives. Personal power is about children feeling secure and confident inside themselves. It’s about making their own choices and decisions, and being responsible and accountable for their own behavior and feelings.

*Source: A Leader’s Guide to The Adding Assets Series for Kids

Register Now for Tribal 2018 Spring Lacrosse

Don’t miss out!  Register now for Tribal Lacrosse  (Boys and Girls, grades K -8, from Boxford, Topsfield and Middleton). While best efforts will be made to accommodate all players who register prior to the January 5th, 2018 registration deadline, we strongly encourage families to register early as we will be closing registration for age groups as they become full.

After January 5, 2018, a late fee of $50 will be applied to all registrations and players will be waitlisted if teams are full.

To register, go to