Tri-Town Council asks…What’s in YOUR lifepack?  Fill it with Assets!


“Assets” represent the building blocks for thriving youth, families, and  community —- everyday things that anyone can do to support our youth … and everyone can be an “Asset Builder”!

 November’s Life is Good Superpower is Gratitude!   AND the TTC Asset Connection is… Asset #38 Self-EsteemChild likes and is proud to be the person that he or she is and feels valued by others.

TTC ASSET TIP: Be a grateful parent.
(From the Huffington Post) What an invaluable exercise it is to tell our kids why we’re grateful to have them! It goes without saying that we love our kids, and that we’re thankful beyond words for their love, their smiles, their hugs and so much more. When we tell them what makes them special to us, their self-esteem is boosted for all the right reasons. Plus, our example shows them that gratitude extends well beyond material things.