Tri-Town Council Asset Tip!


Tri-Town Council asks…What’s in YOUR lifepack? Fill it with Assets!

“Assets” represent the building blocks for thriving youth, families, and community —- everyday things that anyone can do to support our youth … and everyone can be an “Asset Builder”!

External Asset Category: Boundaries and Expectations

Boundaries are important to young people because they give clear messages about what’s expected. By the same token, caring adults who expect young people to do their best help them to learn good judgment. Every day young people face many options and choices. Boundaries and expectations provide young people with the support they need to choose wisely.

TTC Asset Tip: Keep a shared family calendar that includes everyone’s commitments and daily schedules including school, work, and activities as well as chores, family times, and other events. Each week, review the coming days together so everyone knows what to expect.