Sixth Grade Students Present Service Project at Friday’s All School Assembly

During the all school assembly today at Spofford Pond school, Caitlin Flynn spoke to the students about the Navy Seal Foundation. The Navy Seal Foundation was established in 2000 to provide immediate and ongoing support and assistance to the Naval Special Warfare community and its families. Caitlyn shared an interview she conducted with her uncle who has been a Navy Seal for 13 years. Through this organization, Navy Seals know that family will be cared for while deployed, when they return, and in the event of trauma.

Cameron DiDonato introduced the students to A Bed for Every Child. Part of the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless, A Bed for Every Child provides beds for kids who do not have a bed of their own. Last year through generous donations, they were able to provide beds to 1,510 children in neighboring areas such as Lawrence, Lynn, and Lowell. When a child has a bed of their own, they have the opportunity for a good night sleep which leads to a good education. A good education can break the cycle of poverty.

How can you help? All next week, bring your spare change to school! As Caitlin said, if every student brings $1, we’d raise about $400. If every student brings $5 we’d raise approximately $2,000. Proceeds from this 6th grade service project will be split between these two great organizations.