Olympian Inspiration

On Monday Jan. 29, Olympic fencer Molly Sullivan Sliney spoke to our third graders—and she returns Wednesday the 31st for our fifth graders. These photos show students envisioning the Olympics Opening Ceremonies as she described them, listening intently to her personal story, and meeting her with a handshake and smile. Ms. Sliney described her love of fencing, her struggle with an invisible disability, the value of having positive activities in ones life, and how she took what she learned in fencing and applied it to her academics and life. She closed the presentation by connecting with each and every important child. Ask a third-grader or fifth-grader what Molly’s disability was, how her thinking changed, what her coach drew with her name, how she learned to reach her goals, or anything else interesting! Many thanks to the Boxford PTO for sponsoring these inspirational visits. For more information on Ms. Sliney, visit www.sliney.com.