Celebrated Marathoner Encourages Kids to Dream BIG!


On February 27, Dave McGillivray inspired our students in many ways. Currently the director of the Boston Marathon, he began by awarding one of our third graders a medal ~ because she said she wanted to run a race. As he lifted the medal over her head, he said “I believe a person’s greatest accomplishment is the next one.” And he made one request: that once she does run a race, and earns her own medal, to send his medal back to him ~ to show him that she did it! He then shared his story, recently published as an illustrated book about his life titled “Dream Big.” It is a story of challenges, limitations, set-backs and the courage to “find your own way” to achieve your goals. A small boy who began running his age in miles on his birthday worked his way up to running the Boston Marathon, and then running 3200 miles across the United States. Along the way, he has generated funds and support to help people in need, encouraged people with dreams, and now just this year completed the “World Marathon Challenge:” 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days. Think about that! The students and teachers who got to watch Mr. McGillivray’s media clips and hear his motivating words were awe-struck, to say the least. Ask a Spofford Pond student how this presentation made him or her feel, and what might be their next accomplishment! Many thanks to the Boxford PTO and Guidance Counselor Julie Benson for bringing Dave McGillivray to our students.
His book is available on Amazon beginning March 1! Truly hot-off-the-press: