TTU Mission Statement

Good Morning Boxford Families,

I am excited to let you know that through a collective effort we have finalized our vision statement for the Tri-Town School Union and that we are embarking on another collective effort to begin the development of a Mission Statement.
A vision statement gives an organization direction and is about what we want to become.  As a result, we have rooted our vision statement in the social-emotional and future-ready discussions that we have been having all year long via the two research articles that were sent earlier this school year:

TTU Vision Statement

The Tri-Town School Union believes in nurturing a dynamic learning environment where creative thinkers and innovative problem-solvers develop the empathy, resilience, perseverance, self-management, and kindness needed to positively impact the world.

Now we get to embark on developing our mission statement and we are going to collect the data in two ways:

1) This week, you will see an area in the lobby of your school (or other high-traffic area in your school) where your principal has designated a space for you to complete a “Post-It Note” which answers this question, “The mission of the Tri-Town School Union is…”

2) We are going to also offer an online version of the same activity using a padlet.  If you click on this link, you can also participate by adding an online Post-It note which answers the same question –

To provide some guidance for you, here is what to think about in terms of a Mission Statement (citation below):

The mission statement drives the organization. It is what you do/the core of the organization, and from it come the objectives and finally, what it takes to reach those objectives.

Mission statement questions look like:

  • What do we do?
  • Whom do we serve?
  • How do we serve them?

Looking forward to reading all of your responses!


Reference –

Tri-Town Council

Love Me, Love My Art is an Expressive Arts Group taught through Horizons designed to honor the life experiences of girls in 4th & 5th grades. Each week girls will be guided through structured art, group activities & discussions to explore the emotional highs and lows of being a pre-teen. This 5-week program will be facilitated in TTC’s program space in Topsfield. Open to girls in grades 4 and 5 in the tri-town. More info and register here.

Tri-Town Council

Tri-Town Council asks…What’s in YOUR lifepack? Fill it with Assets!

The value of laughter on health and well-being is immeasurable, and laughter can be infused in most everything we do!

AND the TTC Asset Connection is…Asset #25: Reading for Pleasure – Child enjoys and engages in reading for fun most days of the week.


TTC Asset Tip: Make reading FUNdamental! Together with your child, choose some funny books for read-aloud or independent reading. Looking for some titles? Check out the lists by age/stage at or at


Parent University!

Dear Parents,

The TTU Parent University is an opportunity for parents and guardians in Boxford, Topsfield, and Middleton to come together and learn ways to support their children in their educational journey. Parent University is designed to support parents and families across a variety of relevant topics including understanding the methods and practices of school curricula, exploring best supports for social emotional learning, navigating digital citizenship, and prioritizing parent wellness as a critical component. The conference is designed into a series of engaging presentations and discussions that will provide insight and perspective on topics ranging from academics, character education, and preparing students for the journey ahead, including middle school, high school, and the world beyond. This year’s event will be highlighted by keynote speaker, Dr. Bill Daggett, who will expose parents to the fourth industrial revolution and the role or rigor and relevance in the school setting. We see this as a unique way to partner with parents to enrich themselves and to help their children thrive.

Please answer the following questions to help us to plan for the event.

Thank you!

Link to survey

Last Day of School

Dear Parents,

Please mark your calendars! The School Committee has voted on the last day of school for students this year on June 22, 2018 with a 1:15 pm dismissal.  We will have our grade 6 moving on ceremony that morning at 10:00 am.


Kathryn Castonguay, Principal

Mime Visits Fourth Grade!

On Tuesday, April 10, our fourth graders had a very special visit during their Team Time with Mrs. Benson. Professional Mime Scot Cannon put on a show about what we can all do to help preserve the planet. The kids were enthralled as his narrated actions showed a daily routine where each step could be better for the environment. After his mime show, he then removed his face make-up and talked to the kids about the actions, taught them a song, and guided them through some basic miming techniques! He also put the world in one student’s hands and asked her and her classmates to take care of it. Ask a fourth grader what he or she learned, and WATCH their silent but meaningful response! Many thanks to the Boxford PTO for sponsoring this presentation.




April Vacation Week


School will be closed for spring vacation week from Monday, April 16th through Friday, April 20th.  We will be back in session on Monday, April 23rd.  We wish you a happy and safe vacation week with your children.  Think Spring!



Tri-Town Council–Horizons!

Spring is in the air and so are Spring Horizons after-school enrichment programs! Registration is open now for great after-school Horizons programs for fun, adventure, making new friends and trying new things! Check out cooking, chess, STEM activities, drama club, yoga (before school), a variety of art classes, fitness club, weaving, get outside to explore and more! Super fun and creative activities – something for everyone! Don’t delay! Classes are on a first-come, first-served basis. Check out offerings at each school at

Attention Tri-Town 6th Graders! Join us for our 6th Grade Welcome to Masco Fun Night!


Saturday May 5th @ Masco: 7- 9PM


1-way bus transportation to Masco or get dropped off at Masco. Parent/guardian pick up is at *MascoField House* at 9:00pm.


TTC & Masco youth are planning a fun evening to WELCOME YOU! We will have large and small group games, info tables, and time for free play. The night will be lots of FUN and you’ll have a chance to meet NEW FRIENDS!


This is a great opportunity to check out Masco, meet some new kids (who just might be in your classes next year) & have a blast! There will also be a Q & A Booth to help you get ready for Masco.


More info about the event at your school and REGISTRATION/Waiver HERE.