Tri-Town Council asks…What’s in YOUR lifepack?  Fill it with Assets!

“Simplify! Simplify!”  This 19th century musing by Henry David Thoreau is even more applicable today as parents and families manage the complexity of modern life while trying to maintain a healthy balance of structure and downtime –among other things.  Adding in the ubiquity of technology and finding the balance of when, where and how much is often a juggling act for families! What we do know is that when children are engaged in healthy, quality, supportive relationships with family, they are building Assets!  And the more Assets children have, the more likely they are to grow up healthy, caring and responsible.


AND the TTC Asset Connection is… Asset #20: Time at Home –  Child spends some time most days both in high quality interactions with parents and doing things at home other than watching a screen or playing video games.


TTC Asset Tip: UNPLUG! Choose a night where everyone in your family totally unplugs and engages in a family activity.  Cook dinner together, go for a bike ride or walk around the neighborhood, play a board game, complete a jigsaw puzzle, build a blanket fort, have a family “read in”…