World Rhythm Drummers visit Spofford Pond


Yes, it’s true. Massamba Diop, who visited Spofford Pond with Tony Vacca on Friday, May 11 plays his tama drum throughout the Black Panther movie. Students and staff were delighted, entertained, and inspired as the two world-renowned drummers shared their rhythmic music and their story~ Tony, from New Jersey/Massachusetts, and Massamba, from Senegal in Africa are friends bonded by their love of music and drumming. As Tony said in the assembly, while the two played their drums, “We call it ‘world rhythm’ ~ not because we play all the music of the world … but because this world … your world … our world (…world… world… world…) is made … of rhythm.”

Throughout the day, Tony did wonderful interactive drumming workshops with third graders, who then performed what they learned during the assembly. They were amazing! Massamba also spoke to sixth graders about his tama drum (talking drum), how it’s made, what it means, about life in Senegal, about his experience with the Black Panther movie, about taking care of people in need, and his advice about how to live a good life. Several students got to play his drums, too. And they all learned his favorite song.

During the assembly, an impromptu faculty-student ensemble also got to perform “a drum is a voice” and students in all grades got to ask Tony and Massamba questions, too. Ask a Spofford Pond student what he or she enjoyed about this special day of music, rhythm, culture, openness, joy and friendship. Tony said “anything is possible…” Massamba said “if you find a way to be happy, you will live a good life…” Their drums and music said many things. What resonated with your child?

Many thanks to the Boxford PTO for sponsoring this exciting program!  We also have incredible gratitude for and a BIG THANK YOU to Mrs. Bonnie Thornborough for coordinating this enriching learning experience for our students!   

This link holds a couple videos from the assembly…

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