Building Update

Dear Spofford Pond Families,

I hope this message finds you enjoying the extended summer weather we have been having!

As you know, this summer has been a high heat/high humidity season. Here at Spofford Pond, along with many other schools across Massachusetts this summer, the volume of days with high dew-point contributed to extra moisture in the air which can sometimes lead to small areas of surface mold and mildew appearing on fibrous surfaces.  As would be expected, our facilities department has a mitigation protocol they follow for this type of infrequent occurrence and it has been effective as coming off the four-day warm weekend there were no areas needing attention.
Also, during the Labor Day weekend, the remaining new window frames were installed which has helped to keep the moisture out of the building as these warm days have continued into September.  We are so grateful for the support of the community with our building projects as they add decades of longevity to our schools.

I look forward to seeing you at Open House this week!

Kathryn Castonguay, Principal