Math Olympiad Application Information



Math Olympiad is a challenging math program where students will meet one time per week for practice and then participate in five contests throughout late October to March.  This program is meant to stimulate enthusiasm and a love for mathematics. It will help to develop mathematical flexibility in solving problems and will assist in fostering mathematical creativity and ingenuity.  


Interested students in Grades 4,5 or 6 should pick up an application packet outside of Mrs. Sirmaian’s office beginning Friday, Oct. 12.  This will include a past Math Olympiad contest to be completed by the student and also a prompt for the student to write telling us why he/she wants to participate and then describe him/herself as a mathematical learner.  Application deadline is Thursday, October 18.  Applications will be reviewed and selected students will be informed by Monday, October 22.


Selected students will meet for practice/contests one time per week on Mondays during their grade level RTI time.   If your child has a Reading, Writing or Math need during the RTI time, they may still participate in Math Olympiad and miss their other scheduled topic on Fridays


We look forward to providing the satisfaction, joy and thrill of meeting challenges!


Please contact Jennifer Sirmaian at with any questions or concerns.