Boxford School Committee Late October Update

The Boxford School Committee met on Thursday, October 25th. Boxford Elementary Schools Trust (BEST) gave a presentation highlighting their generous contributions to our schools. In the last five years on average they have donated $30,000 per year to the schools to purchase technology, professional development, curriculum pilots and learning tools that augment and complement the schools’ curriculum and budget. BEST highlighted a new Wired for Greatness Grant run by Mrs. Boyle this year. Spofford students were encouraged to apply for grant funding for a project of their design that would positively impact the community.  BEST relies on grants and fundraising to achieve their goals and they are always looking for new volunteers. Mark your calendar for the BEST Boxford Homes tour on May 11th.

A small group of administrators and teachers will be visiting the Design 39 campus in November. To learn about this innovative public school, click on this link. The participants in this trip will report their experience and findings at a future BSC meeting.


The district office reported the results from the MCAS testing last year. Boxford elementary schools continue to meet their targets.


If you have a question for a School Committee member, please contact us via email directly. Please note that Open Meeting Law makes it prohibitive for us, as members of a multi-member governmental body, to respond to social media posts, though we are happy to field and direct questions to the appropriate people.


Our next meeting is on Thursday, November 15th. Upcoming agendas and meeting minutes can be found at .


Happy Fall!


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