Kindness Week at Spofford Pond School!  

Dear Parents,

We are celebrating kindness in our school later this month.  We wanted to share with you some of the ways that the Student Council members will lead our school with acts of kindness during the week of November 26th-30th!  We think it will be a nice connection to the Sticks and Stones residency that we will also have during this time.  Ms. Boyle and the students in our Student Council are working hard to spread a kind word and kind gesture!

See below for more details!

Kathryn Castonguay, Principal

Kindness Tag

  This is a simple game of tag where one classroom “tags” another classroom by doing a random act of kindness for them. Then that classroom will pass it on by tagging another classroom. Below is a list of some simple kindness ideas:

-Create kindness cards for each student  

-Kindness messages on sticky notes (leave them on student’s desks)

-Poetry Tag (Surprise the class with a poetry performance)

-Decorate classroom door

-Pencils with kindness notes attached

-Kindness Bookmarks

*Gifts, notes, cards etc don’t need to be student specific.

SMILE cards:  

  Every student will receive a SMILE card. They will be tasked with the challenge of doing a Random Act of Kindness to someone (does not have to be someone in the school). When they do the act of kindness, they should give that person the SMILE card so they can continue to pass on kindness to others. 

Kindness Rocks project

  The Student Council has hidden Kindness Rocks around town! When students find a rock, with their parent’s permission, they can take a picture of themselves with the rock and post it to our Kindness Rocks Padlet at:

Kindness  Greeters        

 Student Council members will be in the doorways at the beginning of the day to greet the students with kind, inspirational messages to start their day!

Kindness Donuts “Sprinkle on the Kindness”

 In Art, the students will be creating Kindness Donuts! When a class has completed their donuts that are “Sprinkled with kindness”, they will them in the hallway so our hallways are filled with kindness!  

“Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today” Bracelets

Students will be nominated to receive a bracelet!

Kindness Banners

 Be on the lookout for our Kindness Banners displayed around the building!

Kindness Article

 One of our Student Council members will be writing an article for the town newspaper!

Kindness T-shirts

Students and staff are encouraged to wear their kindness t-shirts (from last year, if they have them)  on Thursday, November 29th!