Restoration Update


(Boxford, Massachusetts)


In late April, during the initial interior demolition phase at the Little Red Schoolhouse, asbestos was discovered.  As asbestos can be a significant health risk and must be properly abated prior to construction, the building was closed following that discovery and sealed until appropriate abatement had occurred.


We are happy to report that the abatement contractor was able to accommodate our tight schedule to remove the asbestos as close to the start of the school year thereby minimizing impact and risk. The abatement has now concluded and the building can now be entered thus planned construction may begin.


We are grateful to the Little Red Schoolhouse Committee, the Boxford Selectmen, the Boxford Finance Committee and the Boxford Health Department for their help and collaboration to resolve this issue.


Please look for our table at Apple Fest on September 21, 2019.


The Friends of the Little Red Schoolhouse is an organization working to restore the historic one-room schoolhouse building located at 26 Middleton Road.