Food for Thought!

Dear Parents,

My name is Pranali Ashara and I am a North Andover High School student working on my Girl Scout Gold Award.

I am pleased to announce that my project, “Spofford Food For Thought” was established at Spofford Pond this past April and ran till the end of the school year. We are continuing this year as well!

Spofford Food For Thought is a food rescue program. Students are encouraged to save their unopened food packages from the trash by donating them. Bins are placed on every cafeteria table during lunches. If a student does not want an item of their lunch, they place it into these bins instead of throwing it in the trash. Once every week, the saved food is then donated to Daybreak, a homeless shelter in Lawrence, MA.

Over last spring,  the following totals were saved:

980 items, including milk cartons, fresh fruit, yogurt, snack packages, etc.
140 pounds of food

Over the past couple of months, I received help from many different sources.
I would like to thank Dr. Castonguay, for believing in the program from the start; Mrs. Greenberg, for placing the bins on the tables every morning; Mrs. Fiore, for allowing the food to be stored in your refrigerator; Mrs. Rubano, Ms. Flynn, and Ms. Randall, for transporting the food every week; Girl Scout troops 62936 & 72386 for making the beautiful posters about the program; and of course, my student volunteers, Frank, Rudy, Gage, Ravyn, Bella, Anton, Noah, Adrian, Isabella, Maya, and Hunter- without you guys, the food would not have been able to be sorted every day and the program would not have been able to run as smoothly, so thank you!


Pranali Ashara