Book Fair!


We are excited to announce the dates for this year’s annual Scholastic book fair! It will be held at the Spofford library from Monday, March 23 to Friday, March 27, 8:30am to 3:30pm (including the Wednesday and Thursday early release days), with the exception of Friday, when the book fair will come to an end at 12:00pm. You can go to the Scholastic Book Fair Class Schedule to check out when your child’s class will make their visit.


Set up an eWallet account on the Scholastic site! Just go to the Spofford Scholastic Book Fair Homepage to get started – load an amount onto your account, and whatever doesn’t get spent goes straight back to your credit card. It’s super easy, and you can avoid sending cash to school with your kids.

We’re looking for volunteers! If you’re interested in helping out at the book fair, please go to the Book Fair Volunteer Sign-Up Page to sign up.

Reminders will come! In the meantime, feel free to email Wendy Sandler ( with any questions you may have. See you at the fair!

MCAS Spring 2020



March/April 2020
Tuesday March 31st 5 9:00 ELA session I (2 to 2 ½ hours)
6 9:00 ELA session I (2 to 2 ½ hours)
Wednesday April 1st 5 9:00 ELA session II (1 ½ to 2hours)
6 9:00 ELA session II (1 ½ to 2hours)
Thursday April 2nd 3 9:00 ELA session I (2 to 2 ½ hours)
4 9:00 ELA session I (2 to 2 ½ hours)
Friday April 3rd 4 9:00 ELA session II (1 ½ to 2hours)
Tuesday April 7 3 9:00 ELA session II (1 ½ to 2hours)
May 2020
Tuesday  May 5th 3 9:00 Math session I   (1 ½ hours )
4 9:00 Math session I  ( 1 ½ hours)
Wednesday May 6th 3 9:00 Math session II (1 ½ hours)
4 9:00 Math session II (1 ½ hours)
Thursday May 7 5 9:00 Math session I  ( 1 ½ hours)
6 9:00 Math session I  ( 1 ½ hours)
Friday May 8th 5 9:00 Math session II  (1 ½ hours)
6 9:00 Math session II  (1 ½ hours)
Tuesday May 12th 5 9:00 STE Session I (1 ½ hours)
Wednesday May 13th 5 9:00 STE Session II (1 ½ hours)


Tri-Town Council

Join Tri-Town Council and Northshore Education Consortium staff Windi Bowditch, LMHC and Robyn Steinberger, SAC, for Youth Mental Health First Aid Training. This free training is offered through the Tower Foundation and open to all caring adults who parent, work with, or care for adolescents. Spend 2 consecutive sessions learning about the risk factors and warning signs, the importance of early intervention, and how to best support youth who are demonstrating the signs of a mental health crisis via a 5 step action plan. More details and a link to register HERE.

Garden Club! Spring Expo!

The Topsfield Garden Club invites you to participate in our Seventh annual Grow Spring! Expo to be held on Saturday, April 4, 2020 from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm at Proctor School, located on the Topsfield Town Common. This popular and growing event celebrates local agriculture, horticulture, and environmental preservation, and connects organizations like yours with each other and the wider community. We hope that you will join us and enjoy the camaraderie of a day among grow local enthusiasts!


We are very excited about our new location at Proctor School. Last year over seventy exhibitors and vendors were distributed among four crowded venues. Proctor School will allow for all to be together under one roof with ample space. One area will be set up as a Farmer’s Market with seating for visitors enjoying a snack or lunch from the Farmer’s Market or vendors located outside. The Main Hall will accommodate the majority of exhibitors and vendors with overflow into spacious and inviting hallways.


Participants are encouraged to bring locally-grown produce and farm products, garden tools, containers, seeds, bulbs, plants, books, crafts, field guides, etc. to sell. A small vendor fee of $15.00 will be charged only to participants who wish to sell items. There is no charge for exhibitors who would like to display information about their organization, farm or agricultural related business, or to non-profit groups selling merchandise.   Exhibiting at the Expo is a great opportunity to reach out to the local community and offers a chance to meet other gardening and agricultural enthusiasts.


Once again there will be a scavenger hunt for kids, always a great hit! Several antique tractor, vintage trucks and farm equipment enthusiasts have agreed to return in force with a display of farm machinery.


In the interest of including as much garden and agricultural diversity as we possibly can in the confines of a 50 mile radius, please share this with friends, family, and acquaintances!

And, don’t hesitate to contact us with a link to someone you think would love to be involved.


Reservations will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. There will be a substantial amount of promotion around this event, and if you respond by February 25th you will be included in our promotional material.


If you would like to participate, you can sign up online HERE or please complete the form below and send it to or The Topsfield Garden Club, PO Box 436, Topsfield, MA 01983,


Topsfield Garden Club – Proctor School – Topsfield Historical Society


as soon as possible so we can reserve your space!



Grow Spring! Expo

Please click here for a Word version of this form that you can complete on your computer, save and e-mail to us or mail to the address below

Talent Show!

Save the date! Friday, March 27, 2020 is the Spofford Talent Show! The PTO is looking for singers, dancers, magicians, comedians, and kids with all forms of talent! Registration opens February 11th. More details coming soon, go to to register.

PTO/BEST Directory Information

Dear Boxford Families,

Between now and the end of the school year, there will be many school-based activities, presentations and fundraisers and we want to make sure as many families as possible are able to participate.  In order to facilitate communication, we will be providing email contact information to the parental-school organizations that directly impact the students (Boxford PTO and BEST).  If you do not want your email address shared with these partners, please email the principal of your school no later than 2/11/20.  Thank you.

Cole School Interim Principal, Betsy Boulanger –

Spofford Pond Principal, Kathryn Castonguay –

Boxford School Committee 1/9 Meeting Update

The first meeting of the Boxford School Committee of 2020 was held on January 9th at the Cole School. Superintendent Scott Morrison updated the BSC about the Kaleidoscope Collective for Learning application. While the TTU was not named as a finalist for the pilot program, the Massachusetts Department of Education will continue to stay in touch about ways to involve more students and teachers in the process of deeper learning. We look forward to being involved in this collaborative.

On January 29, the Tri-Town Council will be presenting “Are the Children Well?” in the Masconomet cafeteria. Dr. Morrison will be meeting with the Tri-Town Legislative Team, to continue the discussion of mental health and well-being at the elementary level. The BSC and the Leadership Team remain committed to the Social Emotional health and learning of all students.

Assistant Superintendent of Operations Steven Greenberg updated the BSC about the comprehensive, town-wide Capital Planning process. The Edward J. Collins, Jr. Center for Public Management has been working with the Town of Boxford to consolidate and present a comprehensive Capital Plan, in an effort to outline and forecast current and future capital management investments. The plan includes the Boxford Schools projects for updating both campuses to conform to ADA requirements.

Dr. Morrison discussed the ongoing conversation with the Massachusetts Architectural Access Board about current and future ADA projects at both Cole and Spofford Pond Schools. Boxford Public Schools are committed to providing equitable access to all students, staff, and families. We are working to resolve the issues that have been brought to the attention of the AAB. The site feasibility study is ongoing. Boxford Public Schools continue to resolve as many items as quickly as possible, while working within the time variance allotted, through 2021.

The BSC has set a meeting date for 2/8, for the FY21 budget presentation and discussion.The Leadership Team continues to finalize budget details to present to the Committee.

Upcoming Dates:

  • February 8, Boxford School Committee Budget Meeting 8am-12pm, Cole School, Boxford

  • February 13, Boxford School Committee Meeting 7pm-9pm, Cole School, Boxford

Agendas and Meeting minutes can be found at:

Boxford School Committee

Carol Hubbard 

Elizabeth Palmer

Renee Schildkraut

Terri Teleen           

Heather Vaz