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Kids of all ages are invited to participate in Boxford Town Library’s 2020 Summer Reading Program, “Imagine Your Story!” Keep track of time spent reading to earn a free book plus a chance at raffle prizes! Beginning June 15, visit to find out how you can keep track of your reading online, or find a downloadable reading log to use!


Boxford School Committee Update: June, 2020


As school year 2020 comes to a close, the Boxford School Committee would like to offer some updates and acknowledgements. While we approached school year 19/20 wide-eyed and hopeful, we could not have envisioned what “social distancing,” and “remote learning” would eventually mean in the context we have come to understand and appreciate. It is clear to us now, that while we remain physically distant as a community, we have been brought together on a deeper level, as a school and social community. The BSC appreciates the patience and resilience of every family in the district as we navigated so many challenges and changes. While we are still not certain on the specifics of how “school” will look in the fall, it is clear that the adventure of learning will continue. The BSC would like to offer a few updates as we approach the end of this very notable school year.


  • In conjunction with the Board of Selectmen, and the Finance Committee, the BSC was asked to make some additional changes to the FY21 budget. At the Public Hearing meeting on 5/14/20, the BSC voted its finalized budget for submission to the town. The FY21 budget will be voted on at Town Meeting in September.

  • The BSC would like to welcome Lisa Salisbury in her new role for next year as Interim Principal of the Cole School! We are grateful to have a leader who is deeply invested in the Cole School community step into this position.

  • We would also like to acknowledge Betsy Boulanger, who effectively embraced the role of Interim Principal at Cole School this year. In a year fraught with unexpected challenges, the BSC is grateful for the leadership Ms. Boulanger provided to our district.

  • It is with great appreciation that the BSC acknowledges Boxford Cable Access Television, for a generous technology grant to Boxford Public Schools. During this time of remote learning, and recognizing technology as a powerful learning tool, BCATv offered a great resource to the community. We are grateful for their generosity.

  • The BSC would like to thank the Ellard Family, and New England Biolabs, for their generous support to allow the 5th grade Science from Scientists program to continue at Spofford Pond.

  • It is with humble gratitude that the BSC acknowledges and appreciates the adaptability, resilience, and hard work of every classroom teacher, our school staff, and administration as we adopted a very sudden, and new way of providing instruction and support to our students and families.


As we continue to navigate these changing times, we are proud and grateful to be a part of a community that comes together to support one another. We understand the sacrifices, and additional roles families had to take on, to support their children’s learning. We are all one learning community, adapting and facing these challenges together.

Upcoming Dates


  • 6/25: BSC Remote Meeting 7pm-9pm

  • 6/30: Boxford Town Elections


**Agendas, Meeting Minutes, and instructions for joining remote meetings can be found here.


Boxford School Committee

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Heather Vaz 

Technology Return Process

Dear Tri-Town Families:

If you borrowed a TTU-owned device during this spring’s remote learning, please plan to return it on Tuesday, June 16, using the following protocol:
  • Returns occur on Tuesday, June 16, between 8am-2:30pm;
  • Return the device to your town’s primary level building (Cole, Fuller Meadow, or Steward);
  • Please tape a piece of paper to the device and power cord with your child’s first and last name and grade level;
  • Please remember to also return the power cord;
  • Drive up to the front circle of your town’s primary level building, and drop off the device on the table on the curb;
  • Please be sure to stay 6′ away from others and wear a mask;
  • If there are other families dropping off at the same time as you, please remain in your car until you pull up to the table, so only one person is returning a device at a time;
  • If you are unable to dropoff using this protocol on June 16, please email TTU Director of Educational Technology, Steve Guditus, at so accommodations can be made to retrieve the device;
  • Our IT team will organize, clean, and repair loaned devices over the summer, so they can be ready for learning when school begins again in September!
Steve Guditus

Director of Educational Technology
Tri-Town School Union: Serving the Elementary Schools of Boxford, Middleton and Topsfield


Tri-Town School Union Vision Statement

The Tri-Town School Union believes in nurturing a dynamic learning environment where creative thinkers and innovative problem-solvers develop the empathy, resilience, perseverance, self-management, and kindness needed to positively impact the world.