Technology Return Process

Dear Tri-Town Families:

If you borrowed a TTU-owned device during this spring’s remote learning, please plan to return it on Tuesday, June 16, using the following protocol:
  • Returns occur on Tuesday, June 16, between 8am-2:30pm;
  • Return the device to your town’s primary level building (Cole, Fuller Meadow, or Steward);
  • Please tape a piece of paper to the device and power cord with your child’s first and last name and grade level;
  • Please remember to also return the power cord;
  • Drive up to the front circle of your town’s primary level building, and drop off the device on the table on the curb;
  • Please be sure to stay 6′ away from others and wear a mask;
  • If there are other families dropping off at the same time as you, please remain in your car until you pull up to the table, so only one person is returning a device at a time;
  • If you are unable to dropoff using this protocol on June 16, please email TTU Director of Educational Technology, Steve Guditus, at so accommodations can be made to retrieve the device;
  • Our IT team will organize, clean, and repair loaned devices over the summer, so they can be ready for learning when school begins again in September!
Steve Guditus

Director of Educational Technology
Tri-Town School Union: Serving the Elementary Schools of Boxford, Middleton and Topsfield


Tri-Town School Union Vision Statement

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