Happy Thanksgiving!



Dear Parents,

With Thanksgiving upon us,  I wanted to take a moment to share some thoughts on practicing gratitude.  You can encourage your child to take time to actively embrace an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ by doing some of the following:

  • Thank someone who did something nice for you
  • Practice a random act of kindness
  • Tell the people in your life how much you care about them
  • Celebrate an accomplishment – big or small!
  • Thank someone who did something nice for you
  • Practice a random act of kindness
  • Tell the people in your life how much you care about them
  • Celebrate an accomplishment – big or small!

Practicing gratitude will help to keep your children happy, resilient and healthy. So, over this holiday break, talk to your children about ways to appreciate small moments in their lives.  Help them to see all that you are grateful for– as this will cultivate an “Attitude of Gratitude” in your children.  Show your children how you express gratitude to others in your own life!   I want you to know how grateful we are to all of you for being such a supportive parent community.  I am always thinking of how much more we are able to accomplish in our classrooms and school because of the enduring parental support.  So, for that, I thank you!

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!


Kathryn Castonguay, Principal







The annual Middleton Stream Team photo contest is underway. The contest promotes the exploration and appreciation of the wetlands, streams and the Ipswich River in Middleton. Take your camera for a walk and submit your photos. They can be submitted on line or in print.


This year the contest will have 3 categories:  


Amateur Adult

Youth (K-12)

Stream Team Member

$200 will be awarded for first place, $100 for second place and $50 for third place in the adult category, and $50 for best youth photo

The entry deadline is December 31, 2018

See the Stream Team web site for background, details, rules,  and entry process at https://middletonstreamteam.org/nature-photo-contest/


Online Math League

Dear Parents,
The makeup for Grade 6 Online Math League contest will be held on Tuesday Nov 20 at 8 am in the Math Room (Room 17).

Students from other grades who missed their contest this week are welcome to complete their tests on this day.
Please contact Mrs. Iyer at aiyer@boxfordschools.org if you have any questions.


Mrs. Iyer

SEPAC meeting November 20th

Please join us for Tri-Town SEPAC’s monthly meeting on Tuesday, Nov.20 at 7PM in the Masconomet Middle School library. The library is located on the second floor and you can enter school through the main doors. Discussion topics will include the Kindness Matters t-shirts and possible program, as well as review of grant applications.
This is an open meeting and we invite all parents or guardians of children with special needs or on a special education plan to attend and learn more.

If you have questions, please contact Tri-Town SEPAC president Kristen DeMarco at kandsdemarco@gmail.com.

More information can also be found on our website at tritownsepac.org.

Kindness Week at Spofford Pond School!  

Dear Parents,

We are celebrating kindness in our school later this month.  We wanted to share with you some of the ways that the Student Council members will lead our school with acts of kindness during the week of November 26th-30th!  We think it will be a nice connection to the Sticks and Stones residency that we will also have during this time.  Ms. Boyle and the students in our Student Council are working hard to spread a kind word and kind gesture!

See below for more details!

Kathryn Castonguay, Principal

Kindness Tag

  This is a simple game of tag where one classroom “tags” another classroom by doing a random act of kindness for them. Then that classroom will pass it on by tagging another classroom. Below is a list of some simple kindness ideas:

-Create kindness cards for each student  

-Kindness messages on sticky notes (leave them on student’s desks)

-Poetry Tag (Surprise the class with a poetry performance)

-Decorate classroom door

-Pencils with kindness notes attached

-Kindness Bookmarks

*Gifts, notes, cards etc don’t need to be student specific.

SMILE cards:  

  Every student will receive a SMILE card. They will be tasked with the challenge of doing a Random Act of Kindness to someone (does not have to be someone in the school). When they do the act of kindness, they should give that person the SMILE card so they can continue to pass on kindness to others. 

Kindness Rocks project

  The Student Council has hidden Kindness Rocks around town! When students find a rock, with their parent’s permission, they can take a picture of themselves with the rock and post it to our Kindness Rocks Padlet at: https://tinyurl.com/ybhfesbr

Kindness  Greeters        

 Student Council members will be in the doorways at the beginning of the day to greet the students with kind, inspirational messages to start their day!

Kindness Donuts “Sprinkle on the Kindness”

 In Art, the students will be creating Kindness Donuts! When a class has completed their donuts that are “Sprinkled with kindness”, they will them in the hallway so our hallways are filled with kindness!  

“Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today” Bracelets

Students will be nominated to receive a bracelet!

Kindness Banners

 Be on the lookout for our Kindness Banners displayed around the building!

Kindness Article

 One of our Student Council members will be writing an article for the town newspaper!

Kindness T-shirts

Students and staff are encouraged to wear their kindness t-shirts (from last year, if they have them)  on Thursday, November 29th!


Band Fundraiser!

The Spofford Pond Band annual Winfrey’s Fudge fundraiser is ending soon. 
Don’t forget to turn in your order forms by Wednesday, November 21st at the Spofford Pond main office. 
Winfrey’s is a local company and their fudge is delicious. Please help us meet our goal by purchasing fudge for your holiday get-together, friends and family. If you’re watching your calories, consider making a donation to the Band instead!  
Fudge orders can be picked up at parent conferences at Spofford Pond school on December 5th and 6th. 

Boxford School Committee Late October Update

The Boxford School Committee met on Thursday, October 25th. Boxford Elementary Schools Trust (BEST) gave a presentation highlighting their generous contributions to our schools. In the last five years on average they have donated $30,000 per year to the schools to purchase technology, professional development, curriculum pilots and learning tools that augment and complement the schools’ curriculum and budget. BEST highlighted a new Wired for Greatness Grant run by Mrs. Boyle this year. Spofford students were encouraged to apply for grant funding for a project of their design that would positively impact the community.  BEST relies on grants and fundraising to achieve their goals and they are always looking for new volunteers. Mark your calendar for the BEST Boxford Homes tour on May 11th.

A small group of administrators and teachers will be visiting the Design 39 campus in November. To learn about this innovative public school, click on this link.https://design39campus.com The participants in this trip will report their experience and findings at a future BSC meeting.


The district office reported the results from the MCAS testing last year. Boxford elementary schools continue to meet their targets.


If you have a question for a School Committee member, please contact us via email directly. Please note that Open Meeting Law makes it prohibitive for us, as members of a multi-member governmental body, to respond to social media posts, though we are happy to field and direct questions to the appropriate people.


Our next meeting is on Thursday, November 15th. Upcoming agendas and meeting minutes can be found at http://www.tritownschoolunion.com/node/boxford-school-committee .


Happy Fall!


Boxford School Committee

Carol Hubbard           chubbard@boxfordschools.org

Elizabeth Palmer          epalmer@boxfordschools.org

Renee Schildkraut          rschildkraut@boxfordschools.org

Terri Teleen                    tteleen@boxfordschools.org

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