Global Child

Dear Parents,

Global Child has added more sessions of  French (Friday morning class) and Chinese (Tuesday morning class).   There are still a few openings in each of these language classes. If you would like to sign your child up for  one of these classes, please contact Diana Hibner by email at

Global Child Important Registration Information

Dear Parents,
If you sent a Global Child registration to the school instead of mailing it directly to Global Child, please contact Global Child  today or over the weekend to let them know.  A few registrations were mailed together in the US Mail by the school to Global Child  and the envelope did not find its way there.  Please contact them by either emailing or calling Diana Hibner at one of the following:

Phone: 978.455.1463 or 978.764.5614

It is very important that you do this within the next day or so as Global Child is putting together all of the classes for students.
Many thanks,
Kathryn Castonguay, Principal